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  1. Izzy has many good qualities, but unfortunately reliability isn't one of them and he doesn't really have a leg to stand on when it comes to defending himself. -He left GnR before a major tour/release of the UYI's -Inexplicably abandoned Ju Ju Hounds while they were recording album #2 -Cancels all press and publicity for his last album for a major label and goes to Hawaii -Runs away from VR when they start auditioning singers - Backs out of New York Dolls reunion -Backs out of interviews for Marc Canter's book - Tours with NuGuns although according to Axl he only shows up when he wants to, sometimes doesn't learn the songs, leaves early - Doesn't go to the HOF Taken separately all these things are understandable. Together they give an idea of what it must be like to try to work with him/rely on him. His solo career is perfect for him because he works when he wants with whoever he wants- no expectations or deadlines. But You can't really blame anyone for bringing up his tendency to disappear/not show up- it seems to be the major quirk of his personality, take it or leave it.