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  1. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Right. It’s strange that Duff doesn’t understand that saying “I was a product of my environment, and this is how I’ve changed and how circumstances have changed” would be a lot more powerful than, “LALALA NeverHappened LALALA.” But that’s how Duff operates. He refers to Susan as his “first sober wife.” The first two literally never happened to him. An interesting personality quirk that he gets away with because after all -who cares about Duff?
  2. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    The rock guys remain completely untouched by the Me Too movement. In part because it was always part of their persona’s in the first place and in part because the insane groupie scene muddied the waters to an crazy extent. Duff climbed into this shit of his own volition because he is the most image hungry guy in the group. Duff’s “persona” is very important to him and his persona is that of a college educated dude who started a wealth management group to help other musicians and spends his time being a good husband, great father, and punk as funk. In reality of course, he has no college degree, his wealth management company never existed or even got off the ground, he’s been married three times and he’s using his wealth and parenting skills to turn his young daughters into Instagram-y Rockstar/models. His punk as fuck aesthetic is simply that, an aesthetic- wearing leather pants in front of his mansion/private jet/yacht. Duff is pretending the 80's never happened but Duff pretends a lot. He's actually kind of sad. He works his ass off for this persona because he is the forgotten member of the Big Three. It’s really more the Big Two and some other guy.
  3. Leaving Neverland, Michael Jackson Documentary, HBO

    What if I came on here and said: Guys, I need some advice. I have a seven year old son, Billy. A few years ago we moved next door to a thirty five year old man, Steve. Steve is very kind to us, soft spoken , quite successful. Well known in the community. Steve told us he had a very rough childhood and so prefers to socialize almost exclusively with children. Well, just boys really. He has become very close to Billy, showering him with love and affection, buying him (and us) gifts, even taking him away on trips and vacations. Billy often sleeps at Steve's house, in Steve's bed, Steve having assured us that "it's the most loving thing a person can do." Billy seems really attached to Steve, emotionally and physically and I worry a little bit because Steve seems to have "favorite" boys that stop being "favorites" as they get older. I'd go get Billy now, but there is a series of alarms that go off when you walk to Steve's bedroom door. Anyway, people are starting to tell me that this all seems very inappropriate and that there was a multi- million dollar pay off to another little boy who alleged sexual abuse but it's not like I have proof that anything is happening, right? I gotta believe that the advice would be less about the legality of sleeping with children and getting proof of butt-sex, and more "are you fucking crazy? get your kid out of there and call the police." Also, I find it high comedy when the loving, functional Jackson family goes on tv and complains that these boys see Michael as a "blank check." They might as well have thought bubbles over their heads saying, "Goddammit, we are finally making millions of dollars without that creepy weirdo blowing it all on gold unicorn statues and rivers of popcorn and they have to bring up the kiddie diddling again." Anyway, those mothers are disgusting, Michael was probably a child molester and Off the Wall is awesome.
  4. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I want to like Susan, I really do, but she always seems so...thirsty. On an ever shallower note, her natural coloring was so lovely- like Mae's. And it's always surprising that this girl- Who walked the runways for Chanel and Armani, would decide to go this way- With her personal style. Also, her contacts make her look possessed But maybe she's just trying to be Punk as Fuck.