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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I for one think that Trump should start holding rallies again. Big, beautiful rallies. As giant a venue as he can get. Pack them in. Standing room only. Talk about how the libtards are trying to tank the economy and take their guns and shut down their churches. Make them yell and spit and sweat. Liberate!
  2. Good interview. My main takeaway might be that Izzy Stradlin is the only musician on the planet that isn’t “close friends” with Eddie Trunk.
  3. Copyright Strikes....

    Guns are in the sweet spot right now- people will pay up to revel in nostalgia for a few hours every few years, but the band has little cultural relevance so they can act pretty much any way they want. The media doesn't need this band to get clicks- they have Meghan Markle and Beyonce and whoever the hell now. Also Guns n Roses treating their fans like shit is not exactly surprising or unexpected. These guys are assholes? NEWS AT 11!
  4. Copyright Strikes....

    Look, TB is terrible. They have always been terrible and they will always be terrible. But everyone need to remember that the real fault lies with the band itself. Beta is just some uneducated man-nanny who, with a little bit of power, has acted like, well, an uneducated man-nanny. Without Axl letting her be an unofficial mouthpiece, she is nothing. Without Slash and Duff counting their monies and looking the other way, she is nothing. This band has always thrived on creating abusive relationships with its fans. And we just keep on paying. "Thank you sir, may I have another?"
  5. Mass Shooting at Walmart in El Paso

    The idea that we would ever have any significant change in gun control laws died after Sandy Hook. 20 six- and seven year-olds killed and America collectively shrugged it's shoulders. But we can take a few days and pretend to care about this, I guess. I don't know why the same people who bitch and moan about political correctness just don't come out and say, "Look, we love guns. We want them to be accessible. The second amendment is very important to us. And yes, your kids might have to die for it. That's the trade-off." Thoughts and prayers are for cowards. Or snowflakes, if you prefer that.
  6. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Right. It’s strange that Duff doesn’t understand that saying “I was a product of my environment, and this is how I’ve changed and how circumstances have changed” would be a lot more powerful than, “LALALA NeverHappened LALALA.” But that’s how Duff operates. He refers to Susan as his “first sober wife.” The first two literally never happened to him. An interesting personality quirk that he gets away with because after all -who cares about Duff?
  7. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    The rock guys remain completely untouched by the Me Too movement. In part because it was always part of their persona’s in the first place and in part because the insane groupie scene muddied the waters to an crazy extent. Duff climbed into this shit of his own volition because he is the most image hungry guy in the group. Duff’s “persona” is very important to him and his persona is that of a college educated dude who started a wealth management group to help other musicians and spends his time being a good husband, great father, and punk as funk. In reality of course, he has no college degree, his wealth management company never existed or even got off the ground, he’s been married three times and he’s using his wealth and parenting skills to turn his young daughters into Instagram-y Rockstar/models. His punk as fuck aesthetic is simply that, an aesthetic- wearing leather pants in front of his mansion/private jet/yacht. Duff is pretending the 80's never happened but Duff pretends a lot. He's actually kind of sad. He works his ass off for this persona because he is the forgotten member of the Big Three. It’s really more the Big Two and some other guy.