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  1. Guitar and Drums

    I oddly agree with this. From what i've seen of Johnny's guitar playing, it's rhythm first. It would be a whole different animal as opposed to Fortus. Just like Izzy or Gilby, he won't a guy who can do crazy solos, but add a steady rhythm to Slash's lead. The question would be about that he is a big actor. If Johnny did join Guns, media might crap all over it saying "Johnny Depp failing film career!" or something against Guns themselves as "GN'R recruits famous actor" and could put the band in even more of a WTF state. Otherwise, i could see Johnny fitting in well in a rhythm role, he has played with and does know Duff. For drums? i'd be totally on board with Brent Fitz like a lot of you are saying.
  2. Guitar and Drums