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  1. Guitar and Drums

    I oddly agree with this. From what i've seen of Johnny's guitar playing, it's rhythm first. It would be a whole different animal as opposed to Fortus. Just like Izzy or Gilby, he won't a guy who can do crazy solos, but add a steady rhythm to Slash's lead. The question would be about that he is a big actor. If Johnny did join Guns, media might crap all over it saying "Johnny Depp failing film career!" or something against Guns themselves as "GN'R recruits famous actor" and could put the band in even more of a WTF state. Otherwise, i could see Johnny fitting in well in a rhythm role, he has played with and does know Duff. For drums? i'd be totally on board with Brent Fitz like a lot of you are saying.
  2. Guitar and Drums

  3. 02/25/17 - Singapore, SG - Changi Exhibition Centre

    It was my first big rock show, so i guess it was great in the moment. but in reality it was mostly typical 2011 Axl. Some funny shit did happen at the show though. Duff talked about how he used to jump the border to see punk shows in Vancouver. Axl apologized for the 2001 riot and some guy got kicked out and Axl sang "Happy trails to you". oh and some chick with a banner got up and danced with Axl during Rocket Queen
  4. 02/25/17 - Singapore, SG - Changi Exhibition Centre

    Saw Loaded open for GN'R in 2011 in Vancouver. Duff did So Fine and Dust N' Bones. also guested on Civil War. that was so badass!
  5. 02/11/17 - Sydney - ANZ Stadium

    yep, Angus again!
  6. 02/11/17 - Sydney - ANZ Stadium

  7. 02/10/17 - Sydney - ANZ Stadium

    That stream was badass! too bad i'll never see Guns with Angus. Stupid, drunk idea 100%. GN'R - AC/DC double album. first half is original Guns tunes with Angus guesting on a couple, second half is AC/DC with Slash on a couple of tunes. Both of Axl's bands in one? why not? nevermind any of that
  8. 02/10/17 - Sydney - ANZ Stadium

  9. 01/25/17 - Yokohama, JP- Yokohama Arena

    Pretty amazing so far! Can't wait till Sept 1st in vancouver!
  10. 01/25/17 - Yokohama, JP- Yokohama Arena

    Yep, best show so far!!
  11. 01/25/17 - Yokohama, JP- Yokohama Arena

    alt song? periscope connection screws up.
  12. 01/25/17 - Yokohama, JP- Yokohama Arena

    Used To Love Her!
  13. 01/25/17 - Yokohama, JP- Yokohama Arena

    Slash owned the fuck out of that.
  14. I'm a "newbie" in terms of how long GN'R have been around but my story goes like this. In 2009 i was 15 years old and pretty normal. Up to this point as a kid i was listening to country, then some outlaw country and then i found Nirvana. Around came February 2009 and i thought of getting a "band" together and was in gym class. My gym teacher, who was awesome and played Nevermind, Appetite, ChiDem on the stereo during class over heard me talking about said "band" and told me he knew a cool "rock n roll" chick who played bass in his "Planning" class. i was a intrigued by the offer and said yes to introducing us. He introduced us and we hung out and she showed me the typical GN'R videos and other Crue videos. I couldn't believe the people i was seeing and listening to. I ended up dressing like GNR/Crue (and though now i'm 23 i still retain some of that even with some problems). But the attitude i witnessed with her showing me the Ritz show, the Tokyo DVD and other shows. This band attracted me immediately because of it's realness and rawness. I saw Axl/GN'R with an ex in 2011 here in Vancouver with Duff opening. Can't wait to see Slash and Duff together even thought me and that chick who got me into everything never thought it would happen. i don't know what happened to her, last i heard she was into heroin. i wish she was here with me to experience this. May you all enjoy this upcoming tour!