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  1. This is an amazing time for all of the Guns N' Roses fans, I'm so hyped to get to be able to hear some of the tracks we have been discussing and wishing on for a long time. These songs really do sound amazing and I'm convinced Chinese Democracy would of been an incredible album had it come out in the early 2000's as intended. Hopefully the other content will also leak and we can begin to put together alternate versions of the album
  2. I have been a bit out of the loop regarding all these leaks recently, just to be clear are the recent load of leaks from yesterday all just snippets and not the actual full tracks?
  3. Wow I'm so hyped this song is actually out there, I have been kind of busy so haven't been checking the forum much but just checked in and seen this topic. I gotta say I'm liking the song, I think Chinese Democracy as great of an album as it is was missing a track like this. It could do with some polishing which is obvious but all the components are there for a great song for sure.
  4. OK fair enough as I obviously wasn't aware that it had come to this, in that case then of course things have gone too far in that regard and his privacy has obviously been invaded. I was only going by the information I had seen for myself as I try not to make assumptions especially in a situation like this and that information you provided is new to me. Hopefully an ideal solution can be found.
  5. This is exactly what I was thinking, the lacks of updates is making a lot of users on here rush to a conclusion or make wild claims. Until we have had a legitimate update on what is going on or what is being planned we should just wait and see what happens. As for his private life being violated, as far as I'm aware this isn't the case as the user informed us himself on what he was doing and his name and social media pages are visible on his profile.
  6. Until we actually know what's going on for sure we shouldn't take this as factual though.
  7. I mean I totally understand the situation he is in and why he might be hesitant on leaking it himself, of course we don't know truly what has transpired since he got the CD's. But I can't help but feel that the fan's have waited so long for this and a real situation presented itself to finally have our patience rewarded. I understand we aren't truly "owed" anything but this was a real watershed moment for sure given the context of it all, it would be a massive shame should the fans be blocked from hearing these unreleased and probably long forgotten tracks and yet only a select few get to. However I would advise to the fan who has the material to take the time needed to find a solution that works for everyone while not putting themselves in any danger either cause of course that is the most important part of all this to consider.
  8. These pictures of the material are just making me more eager for the tracks to leak already
  9. I would do the same and funny enough I'm also from Northern England near the border
  10. This is brilliant, props to whoever made it cause that video genuinely had me laughing throughout HA
  11. As for as I am aware, if it was sold during a locker auction then the person who ultimately owned the locker would be forfeiting the contents within it including the ownership. Most auctions usually have a lot of solid legal work protecting the contents of lockers for situations similar to this but I can't say for sure if this applies to this situation in particular.
  12. I can totally understand him not wanting to leak them himself unless he is of course willing to and knows how, but at this point if others also have copies of the material then there is not really anyway to prove who leaked them originally anyway
  13. So I was just listening to the GNR Central Podcast and a dude on it claimed that in addition to the CD era tracks and the AFD rerecording there is allegedly the original recording of Axl screwing Steven's then GF which of course was used for Rocket Queen, crazy stuff
  14. The GNR fandom honestly cannot thank you enough for this, take care man and enjoy!
  15. Honestly the CD era is one of the most interesting timelines of any band in music to me, which is why I think so many of us are totally excited about all this.