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  1. Happy happy birthday tori!🎁🎂🎉
  2. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    She's turning 21 in August, does her band play any other big gigs without gnr being involved?
  3. I'm wondering the same thing, what does he do with it after he's done fixing it up?
  4. Thanks is it an interview with izzy or was he talking to someone else about izzy? Sorry it's a bit confusing
  5. But izzy randomly called rolling stones.... But he said current member, now I'm confused and slightly annoyed if hes just leading people on
  6. Probably not, didn't art tavana say that izzy cancelled a scheduled interview with la times after the art tavana article came out? And he also disclosed stuff about his personal life (videos shot in girlfriends house and the house being on the market) in his last podcast with gnrcentral. He probably scared izzy off
  7. Isn't it #1? I'm pretty sure it was written somewhere, that after Steven left, they ammended the partnership. Anyone who leaves the band must sell his shares to the remaining partners. So if you want to leave, you have to sell your share. I think it's in one of those contracts/documents that as shared a couple of years ago.
  8. Thanks for sharing this niven has been out of the loop for so long, dunno why people are still giving him a platform
  9. He can't do that because axl can't sing all the songs anymore.
  10. Sometime in June I think, the one here is November
  11. Thanks will probably wait out how this leg goes before deciding
  12. @downliner would you know if there's any chance izzy will show up on the upcoming leg of the tour? There's someone saying that they are coming to my country so I'm thinking if maybe I should watch, but not sure I wanna spend money if there's 0 chance that izzy will show up. Thanks
  13. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    There's something wrong there right? I'm not the only 1 finding it weird? 1 or 2 members is fine but axl is everyone's bread and butter. Are they not capable of finding another job or even a bit worried that people might think they are taking advantage