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  1. Ask Staff Anything!

    ok, thanx for explaining :)
  2. Ask Staff Anything!

    really didn't look when it started, but there definitely were plenty of posts before mine who were just several days and even hours old.
  3. Ask Staff Anything!

    about hour ago, when posted on it, and then poof, it's gone completely.
  4. Ask Staff Anything!

    why has the whole thread "what you think about axl nowdays" just disappeared without a trace from main forum?!
  5. SCOM is nearing 1 billion views on YouTube

    Why should those numbers change because of rhapsody as it is song from 70's?
  6. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Actually, since 91 Izzy has been the most productive solo artist of real notes from all the Gunners, puting out 9 or 10 full albums. Sadly, he lost that creative fire around 2010 or so, but before that he has been absolute blast.
  7. They can be called underrated in certain way as their arguably best compositions (RQ, Coma, Breakdown, Don't Damn Me) were never released in any form separately and are not that widely known to casual listeners, but the band in the long run overshadowing such pop icons as Madonna or MJ while having the most watched billion view videos from both 80's and 90's is hard to call overall underrated.
  8. To my surprise Dizzy actually has passable songs (not that much overdosed with keyboards and with rather nice guitar soloing), some of which are at least not worse than half of anything on ChiDem or even better: