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  1. 2002 Tour Promo

    Yes please! Can you send me a PM?
  2. 2002 Tour Promo

    Looking for a 2002 Chinese Democracy World Tour promo video. It's 30 seconds long and ends with the narrator saying "Its been forever since you've had your ass kicked properly"
  3. Today is the end of the beginning of a new era in GNR history! Bear witness to a hell that awaits my GNR brothers in sisters!
  4. I just checked, they weren’t mentioned in the “Axl are these songs real or not” question Just release an album so we can find out whose right
  5. MSL talked about Going Down before it appeared on the RIR setlist. Unless MSL lied and got really fucking lucky I’ll say the tracks, or at the bare minimum the song titles, are real
  6. Don't forget the ones MSL talked about. Cuban Skies, Light My Fire, Monstrosity, Soul Monster, and Tonto. Maybe lump Going Down, OMG, and Silkworms even though we already heard them. So that's 16 (or 19) tracks
  7. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    what programs do you guys use for audio and video remaster?
  8. Songs you wanna see GNR cover?

    Shot In The Dark - Ozzy Osbourne Bennie And The Jets - Elton John Sleeping (In The Fire) - W.A.S.P. You Better Run - Motörhead
  9. Someone knows this track?

    Can I get a PM too? I’m curious
  10. Someone please explain this screenshot and the Cuban Skies Incident
  11. Mr Big Pig Covers

    His channel was taken down years ago. I dont know why it was taken down
  12. Yea I saw the announcement after I posted that I have a Plan B in mind already
  13. People likely downloaded the stuff Why not just upload it all here or some other website, make it a safe haven If no one wants to, I will do it. I have a few but not very many.
  14. Mr Big Pig Covers

    I found a clip of a guy with a YT called Mr Big Pig killing Chinese Democracy and You Could Be Mine on guitar, it sounded about 300x better than the album version His channel got taken down. Any chance anybody has any of his old covers?
  15. 2001 Shows wanted

    Rock In Rio is avaliable pro shot on YouTube HOB is avaliable with full audio and some pro shot As far as I know the New Years shows havent leaked yet