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  1. Someone please explain this screenshot and the Cuban Skies Incident
  2. Mr Big Pig Covers

    His channel was taken down years ago. I dont know why it was taken down
  3. Yea I saw the announcement after I posted that I have a Plan B in mind already
  4. People likely downloaded the stuff Why not just upload it all here or some other website, make it a safe haven If no one wants to, I will do it. I have a few but not very many.
  5. Mr Big Pig Covers

    I found a clip of a guy with a YT called Mr Big Pig killing Chinese Democracy and You Could Be Mine on guitar, it sounded about 300x better than the album version His channel got taken down. Any chance anybody has any of his old covers?
  6. 2001 Shows wanted

    Rock In Rio is avaliable pro shot on YouTube HOB is avaliable with full audio and some pro shot As far as I know the New Years shows havent leaked yet
  7. Chinese Democracy multitrack stems

    PM with .wav versions? I didnt even know they existed in .wav
  8. Did one of these yesterday for an AFD 5 Reunion. Also it's a dream setlist for NITL. A NITL dream would be an AFD 5 reunion with AFD played through top to bottom See what I did there? But in all seriousness: 1. Shadow Of Your Love (wake up its time to play version) 2. Mr. Brownstone 3. Better 4. Chinese Democracy 5. It's So Easy 6. Nightrain 7. Slash Solo 8. Sweet Child O Mine 9. Sither 10. Welcome To The Jungle 11. Out Ta Get Me 12. You Could Be Mine 13. Civil War 14. Coma 15. Live And Let Die 16. Don't Cry 17. November Rain 18. Madagascar or This I Love 19. Used To Love Her 20. My Michelle 21. Rocket Queen Encore: 22. Patience 23. Estranged [optional] Wish You Were Here with Izzy and Steven's AFD skulls displayed on the videoboards 24. Paradise City All NITL songs
  9. Your Dream Concert

    I like doing these AFD 5 Reunion Tour with 2010 Axl voice 1. Crash Diet 2. Welcome To The Jungle 3. Mr. Brownstone 4. Dust N' Bones [maybe Axl on piano] 5. Live And Let Die 6. Think About You 7. Anything Goes 8. Bad Obsession 9. It's So Easy 10. You're Crazy 11. Mama Kin 12. Back Off Bitch 13. Slash Guitar Solo 14. Godfather 15. Sweet Child O Mine 16. Knockin On Heavens Door 17. You Could Be Mine 18. Axl Piano Solo 19. November Rain 20. Bad Apples 21. Out Ta Get Me 22. My Michelle 23. Buick Makane / Big Dumb Sex 24. Hair Of The Dog 25. Nightrain 26. Rocket Queen Encore: 27. Don't Cry 28. Patience 29. Shadow Of Your Love (wake up its time to play version) 30. Paradise City 100% intensity from beginning to end
  10. The vocals are from the CD multitracks I believe. I recognized a few of the vocals Either way, evader did a damn good job. Fooled me into thinking it was the real thing.
  11. Does having the rasp TIL 2 days before everyone else did count
  12. It's pretty obvious they're not the same thing
  13. Based I'm what I'm hearing, I highly doubt the full song is more than 5 minutes long. At the very most 5:30, at the very least 4:00. The 7 second studio clip that was leaked a while ago is legit btw As for miracles, I'm no Evader, but I am wafflehead
  14. If Evader has one point me in the right direction Until then, I downloaded audacity. Wish me luck