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  1. Quit enabling the people who remove videos, or give an update yourself


  2. Setlist for 2020

    [O Fortuna from tape] 1. Nightrain - The 10 min long Jungle intro completely kills the mood, they need to start the show off like a train! 2. Mr. Brownstone 3. Live And Let Die 4. It's So Easy 5. Welcome To The Jungle 6. You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory / (Attitude / New Rose / Believe In Me) - Duff's solo spot 7. So Fine 8. Chinese Democracy 9. Estranged or This I Love or Madagascar or Prostitute or Locomotive 10. My Michelle 11. Better or Think About You 12. Civil War or Estranged or Locomotive or Coma Bring Couch Out, begin acoustic set 13. You Ain't The First 14. You're Crazy 15. Used To Love Her through Slash's solo, then start 14 Years at the third verse with the UTLH melody - Axl on lead for UTLH part, then shares it with Duff for the 14 Years part 16. I Was Only Joking / Patience 17. Madagascar or Promise or Starlight or Saint Is A Sinner Too - Slash's solo stuff needs love too 18. November Rain - Skin N' Bones version Back to Electric 19. Out Ta Get Me 20. Slash Guitar Solo / Sweet Child O' Mine 21. Shadow Of Your Love 22. Dead Horse 23. Hard School Encore: 24. Anxious Disease or War Pigs or Slither or Coma 25. Knockin' On Heavens Door (shortened version) 26. Paradise City I left a lot of alternate options in the set, to be picked and chosen as the band pleases. Throw some Axl rants in there too, pissed off Axl needs to stay off of Twitter and firmly on stage
  3. Copyright Strikes....

    Hey, here is my recording of the full show last night, including the moonwalk and Axl falling in HD quality! It's awesome! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
  4. I would like to do Devious Bastard!!! I'm excited to get started!
  5. Because life sucks sometimes. You just gotta live and let die
  6. The interlude in question was, if I remember correctly, a intro or the intro [album version] to Chinese Democracy
  7. This is like Christmas but Santa's sleigh broke down and now you're just waiting for the presents
  8. It'll take a real devious bastard to wrangle these CDs from the hoarder Thank you, I'm here all week
  9. The forum doesn't allow that cuz theres a mentally ill manchild that likes to impersonate TB and take down gnr bootlegs, demoes, fan content, leaks, etc. The forum got a C&D last year from his fake company so they're not taking any risks
  10. The lyrics kind of sound like: "and they say they just walked by and left it" What do you guys think the lyrics could be?
  11. A new version of TWAT came out? From what time period?
  12. What if this is all a troll and the Axl guy is laughing behind his computer screen right now? It does seems kind of dodgy imo Just goes to show that anything about leaks, regardless of what it is, is amplified by the forum Has Alternative Nation done an article about this yet?
  13. Knowing the current state of GNR shit on YouTube, its definitely not there anymore
  14. Ain't Going Down Tabs/Sheet Music

    I've been looking all over for these but I am unable to find them. Even Going Down has both tabs and sheet music but not this one If anybody has tabs or sheet music for Ain't Going Down, please send them to me Any version of it is fine. Thanks!