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  1. I suspected as much, but I wasn't going to go through 173 pages (!) to make sure. I'll just blame the search function.
  2. Didn't see it listed (or the search wouldn't find it) but here's the Winnipeg litho:
  3. New here, looking mainly to 1. avoid ebay fees and 2. make sure my extra litho goes to a good home. It's the one you can see here. I'd be sending #117/350. You can see pics of the one on my wall, and the one I'll be sending at this imgur album The litho itself is in great condition, mainly because it's been stored in a shipping tube since shortly after purchase (A third was sent to a friend in Denver who missed out there). Not really sure what the going price on these would be (I mean, I have an idea what it should go for, so don't offer me $10 ), so I'll entertain any reasonable offer, and definitely take any advice y'all can give. If you have any questions / comments / concerns, leave a reply.