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  1. So does that mean that its beyond any laypersons scope of concern?
  2. GNR WOMEN'S CHAT 2020 *NEW*

    The fans commenting "my baby...". JFC the shit they say is so cringeworthy.
  3. Did we get three in one day?😍
  4. GNR WOMEN'S CHAT 2020 *NEW*

    I'd date both 😂😂.
  5. GNR WOMEN'S CHAT 2020 *NEW*

    He looks like Brad Pitt.
  6. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    I only read the rest of his book because in the beginning there was a mix up at the hospital and his parents thought that maybe brought home the wrong baby and that he wasn't really theirs. He claimed that this would be really important later, but never said anything else about it.
  7. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    I'm so glad we didn't have to pay the $30 price tag this book has.
  8. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Matt can't comprehend what a chapter is and Susan writes fanfiction. I can't these are actually books.
  9. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Speaking of being killed, I peaked into the WAR room on discord. I know they are all douchebags, but they're actually saying that they wish Axl would have died instead of Kurt. That made my heart hurt 😢.
  10. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Oh Lord, I still can't believe he thought all that was true.
  11. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    My question is WHY did he want to marry her so badly?
  12. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    I want to hear more details about the end of the relationship. I could practically quote what I know by heart 😂. I don't understand why he was so much more broken hearted over her than his Ex wife, who he dated for four years before they got married. It couldn't have just been able the kid. Wasn't he though? One of the songs in CD talked about no one telling him the truth.
  13. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Well that part is documented several times over. So it's not an assumption. We do our homework and we know our shit. Wtf is wrong with that?
  14. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Yeah, SS was majorly into coke. It wouldn't surprise me if any of it was true. She supposedly touch Matt's balls when they were in a limo and Axl was looking out the window talking to someone. Has anyone ever found it funny that Erin is EE and Stephanie is SS?
  15. GNR WOMEN'S CHAT 2020 *NEW*

    That she is.
  17. GNR WOMEN'S CHAT 2020 *NEW*

  18. RussTCB Stepping Down

    Crap! I'm glad you mentioned it. I need to order a copy for my 11 year old for Christmas. She hates GNR and Axl. She has been a horrible little shit lately so it's time for some payback 😈.
  19. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    The only parts I'm interested in are the ones about Axl, to be honest. I had a feeling that he would try to get the book censored, or canceled.
  20. I hope he has enough hair for that...
  21. Dude, we assume shit about EVERYTHING, whether its about Axl and his family or Duff and his. We aren't making up shit so there aren't any assumptions. These things have been verified in articles and interviews.
  22. I feel like I get shit too when I post lol
  23. Why would he need Fernando to tweet for him? Is he that dependent?
  24. Thank you! I'm glad someone brought it up. I figure the guys don't give a shit about that part of his life, but I find it really fascinating. CD seemed to be all SS, as well as some of the leaked stuff.
  25. I think Silkworms is hilarious. I love that he put Stephanie's picture up during the song. It needed to be longer 😂. I just hope the Stephanie era is over now that Slash is back to tell Axl to stop being angsty.