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  1. I know these aren't the ones you are looking for but I thought you might like these...
  2. My daughter wants to be Circus Baby from Five Nights At Freddys. I find it hilarious that she's eleven and I had to get her an adult Medium costume since she's almost 5'4". They may do something at school, but she isn't trick or treating. My husband broke his leg in January, then again in May. They had to replace the femur and knee with titanium so he isnt able to give out candy and scare everyone this years. The first year he made a teenage girl cry and run away. I'm glad to be taking a break from it all. My doctor put me in a heavy dose of Doxepin and it acts as a sedative to slow your mind
  3. The fans commenting "my baby...". JFC the shit they say is so cringeworthy.
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