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  1. $200? Please. Fernando would charge like $500. Per person in the car. Extra $75 to roll your windows down. And a one hour setlist comprised of Jungle, SCOM, NR, and KOHD. Maybe The Seeker for an encore.
  2. While I'd rather have something from '02, '06, or '10 from nuGuns; Philly 2012 was far and away better than every proshot and AFDemocracy. Probably the best show from 2011-2014. Axl was just coming off having some kind of cold or flu and rasped his ass off all show. If there were to be something unearthed from that four year stretch, that would be the show to have.
  3. They're both about to get pulled into a 3-hour meeting with Fernando about how they're not respecting what's happening in the world right now.
  4. Recording is nice. Actually ever getting released is the problem. Still, nice to hear him mention specifically jamming with Axl.
  5. Well, Contraband was released in 2004. Libertad is eh. SMKC is... okay (and likely still could've happened on the side, just like it is right now). CD probably would've gotten pushed out by the end of '06, and at the end of the day, the chances for new music after Chinese certainly couldn't be worse than they are now - especially since a reunion would have probably made things with UMG more favorable. Given the two options, I would've probably preferred the '06 lineup (w/ Brain, not Frank) to stick together and see how it would've panned out), but all in all I don't think a 2006 reun
  6. Started a fresh playthrough in RDR 2 a few weeks ago. Kinda rushed through to finish the story the first time around, so I've really been taking my time just roaming around doing side stuff the whole time. Probably invested like 30-35 hours or so, and I'm still on Chapter 2. Such an amazing game with incredible depth. I can't believe the amount of stuff I'm picking up on this time that I missed in my first playthrough.
  7. No. Ashba is definitely not missed. In fact, I'm still trying to scrub his Demented™ presence in the band from my brain, six years later.
  8. Have we considered that in Axl and Team Brazil World that a week simply has a different definition of time? Perhaps a "week" to them is 10 years instead of 7 days.
  9. I mean, it's GN'R. Why would anyone expect anything to be done on time?
  10. 2006 to me feels like the last time it was watching Axl be Axl. He looked great, the band sounded great, and he was mixing the rasp with the incredible screams from '02. And it seemed like Chinese was actually imminent. He was also more outgoing and accessible publicly it seemed - actually doing something like the Trunk interview, the occasional public appearance, etc. Not to disparage 2010, because his energy, and obviously, vocals were still there - but in 2006 he still had such a cool rockstar aura around him. Getting some good 2006 footage put up on Youtube would be godly, especi
  11. It's the general gist, yes. He also said the book was wholly his project and they just signed off on letting him use the brand name for it.
  12. Fernando would've just brushed it off and said it's not his place to talk about it.
  13. Yep. Makes no sense at all to promote the only lineups fans give a shit about, whose music is the only reason they still have fans today...
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