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  1. Well, it is hard to tell, sometimes he have Balotelli atitude and than he is brilliant. But he is invisible for some time now.
  2. I agree but I dont think they were in 442 much more 4231. In this case wings can be useful. Yet with Ronaldo, Greenwood, Bruno and Rash zhey did lack defensive part.
  3. Need just a different playgame mode. I am not expert but what did I see is they do not use wings, everytime Wan-Bisakka have ball Bruno is asking for posession. On other side Shaw is left alone in defence.
  4. It should have 18+ sign in the corner of TV. Ole sorry man but we need manager.
  5. Well, after couple of listenings I can say this: - it is The Cult "Rain" ripp off like 42% - If this song is from past album I would notice because it is in same tune - Myles have great voice but he allways uses this kind of strange pitch that ticle my eyebrow - his presence is too static. He almost wear same outfit as Axl on SCOM yet there is no movement. Not a little snake dance or hand emotion. It is new music from SMKC so I will give it thumb up for creativity but this song wont end up on my playing list.
  6. Yes I agree yet HM is overrated defender. He is awfull and his playin is more like sunday leauge football. His decision making is poor.
  7. As much I love Ole things hava to change. Specially when you have top players in your team. Lets give him 2 more games for final conclusion.
  8. It is small step for GnR but huge for gnrfanclub. Now we need another thread Megan says Album it is coming out and let see how much pages it will hit.
  9. I wish GnR put Christmas song out like WHAM or MC and than every Christmas we will have best Christmas ever. If not there is Easter or some other holiday
  10. Dolphins from Estranged video probably turned to be at least 40,50 years old now but yet there is stil no new apperances. Even them gone gnr on us.
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