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Rock in rio 91 in HD

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On 3/23/2017 at 10:21 AM, superloconoriega said:

all of this HD talk...


hahaha! that was really good ( and i need a good laugh ) :lol:

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On 26. 03. 2017. at 10:53 AM, AxlisOld said:

Is this coming up as an issue again? If it's a direct tape transfer, you will get 240p. That's the maximum possible for the technology. If it was filmed (unlikely) THEN you could get a 720, maybe 1080 transfer (you probably won't).

This natural look - like 


On 18. 12. 2014. at 10:19 PM, Nosaj Thing said:

If by HD you mean "unnecessary stretched ratio", you can find that on YouTube. The best quality possible is available by downloading the less-than-4GB DVD and using your computer's video card to enhance the image quality.

I just don't like that 'unnecessary stretched stuff'.. See this one:

 natural look-like in 720 HD and it's on You Tube.. as an option, it's is awesome...

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