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Duff's Punk Seattle Journey [1979-1983]

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So, here's my understanding of Duff's seattle journey. Any help adding more bands and creating a clearer image would be great, but please provide sources. :lol:


[Formation] - [Band name]

1979 - Vains




1980 - The Living

[No releases, Duff played guitar in this band during his time in Vains]




1980 - Fastbacks 

(Duff played two shows and recorded four songs)




1982 - Silly Killers

(No idea when this band formed, presumably before Duff joined The Fartz. Year is based on first release)




1982 - The Fartz

(This eventually evolved into the more known band, 10 Minute Warning, with a different lineup & Duff on guitar)




1982 - 10 Minute Warning




1983 - Hobo Skank

(No idea when this band formed. Year is based on first release)




August '84 - Duff moves to L.A.






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