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  1. Ive been listening to it all day, 48 hours before its released.. A million times better than rock or bust
  2. Yes they did... How the fuck would u know... Did u come? Typical sit at home & complain online about gigs u didn't see, at least if i have a stab. Its because i went... I hope not obviously but if this version of GNR implodes & slash and GNR/Axl and whoever goes ahead, i know who'll get bigger crowds
  3. Yes they did, you attended the shows did you, or worked at any of them... No, sat at home saying shit u cant back up Manchester, Birmingham, london TWICE Belfast & Dublin... All sold out.. I was there, plus have a look on wiki... The words SOLD OUT appear a lot at uk shows Hiya pal... Still obsessed are u
  4. The point im trying to make is filling one arena per country in mainland Europe isn't hard.. Usually one show per country, the 2010/12 GNR lineup played a tour if 5/6 shows in the UK,Not one gig... Pretty much sold out arena's... Apart from one argumentative weird Austrian know it all... That cant be denied Filling one arena per country isn't hard, filling several on a tour in one country is more of a deal
  5. One gig in Switzerland or a full UK tour, probably 5/6 nights or so with pretty much sold out arena's are 2 different things... Go to a myles forum then if their the big band.. The band aren't bad, the frontman is... Weak as piss
  6. I know the size of the place i saw Slash in... And it was probably 8 times smaller than the Arena... FACT... Myles & Slash have no pull at all for me, small band, unknown dreary songs from a terrible frontman... Gnr of 2006 / 10 / 12 always outsold slash in numbers through the door at a gig
  7. Pass... Him, Finck, bumble etc all know the tracks, hopefully Slash stays... There's absolutely nothing but someone asking what if at this point
  8. Different sized arena's, the 3k place we saw slash wasn't the 20k arena we saw Guns
  9. So 2012, Belfast, Dublin, Manchester, Birmingham and Barcelona that i went to... All near enough sold out, none of these we're poorly attended.. People turned out... Everyone's banging on like Slash has left.. Where's the dumb idea come from anyway?
  10. Axl would carry on, There's easy options for him... Fans opinions dont matter at all, he's Finck, Ashba, even fortus could go to lead, I know none are ideal but it's easy
  11. It's all hypothetical but, If he left again, Duff is still around.. Axl would still fill arena's definitely in Europe, no idea about the U.S having only been to one there, Slash & Myles wouldn't fill the arena's that Guns minus slash would... Lets hope he stays, absolutely nothing suggests he's off
  12. Axl will carry on forever with Guns, Slash left before, nobody knows he's off again.. Its easy money playing with Guns so why would he go? Guns carried on before and would if it happened again
  13. I wouldn't be that bothered if he went again tbh, he seemed off his A game in 2018/19, some sloppy solo's and sounding not as good, maybe he's bored.. Nobody knows Easy one for Axl, IF slash walks & nobody knows a thing about it... Finck or Bucket return? Or give fortus the lead and call Gilby
  14. I must be the only one not bothered if we get them or not.. Its GNR, more chance of nothing than something 😂 honestly I'm not fussed either way, happy enough with the LA/Vegas/Apollo/San Diego audio
  15. I'll go to all the ones I got a refund for in Europe IF they go ahead.. You must be the only man alive that thinks they will, were not dealing with a sneeze, one guy in a huge crowd could infect and kill loads. While there's a 1% chance of that it'll not happen.. Wake up its reality
  16. There's absolutely no chance of masa gatherings being allowed.. Over optimistic, you go to gig then but dont come crying to me when you get covid. More chance of a 2nd wave than it being clear
  17. It's not negative its realistic.. If you think all this will be cleared and over in a year, then I'd lay off the drink & drugs
  18. I cant see a show going ahead to be honest, very optimistic by Sir Elton
  19. I got one within 12 hours... Try it again Neither Kiss or Motley shows will happen.. This Chinese flu will take forever to get rid of
  20. Didn't a lot get lost in the massive fire the other year?
  21. Everyone's got a decent bootleg of tbe show ( LA forum, Vegas 16 or Apollo etc ), yes it would be nice for something we haven't had yet but it's not the end of the world But i understand why a lot are pissed off, on the other hand... U should know better with Guns. What exactly we're u expecting?
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