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  1. A MashUp of GNR and Monty Python! or November Rain “piano and vocals” bootleg.
  2. Thinking about maybe letting her do another reaction video to a GNR song...if you guys are interested. This was going to be a one time deal. I know Some of you asked for “SilkWorms” or “Get in the Ring”....could be funny, but my better half would shoot me! Haha. Would need to have a video to keep her interested..thinking about “Estranged”. Thoughts?
  3. Pretty much just to pass time while under lock down. Also, it’s a fun way to introduce my daughter to some awesome music! I’m actually going to do car reviews too..just because. Architecture, Music and Cars are my interests. GNR is my favorite group..so it was fun seeing my daughters reaction to one of my favorite songs..better than Taylor Swift!!! UGH.
  4. I knew what you intended to say....no worries here..👍👍
  5. Thankyou..👍..an up and coming GNR fan! It’s fun was fun watching her react to the song..experiencing the same magic that I did many years ago for the first time.
  6. Yes..I couldn’t have described it better!👍👍
  7. I think maybe the one in a million video of them performing at CBGB back in the day!..😉
  8. I agree...that’s why I introduced her to the November Rain Video..hoping to get her hooked!
  9. Haha...that will put her in a spin. Maybe I will show her Eatranged next... like your Avatar!
  10. Thankyou..she does!...I actually have been on these boards for years...I enjoy reading everyone’s posts to keep up with the latest GNR happenings. Just never created a post myself..but thought fellow GNR fans would get a smile from my daughters reaction in these difficult times. 👍
  11. Just something to put a smile on everyone’s face during these hard times. What is OLD is NEW again. My daughter does a reaction video on her first time watching and listening to November Rain. Instant fan..she has been listening to the song non stop... Thinking about introducing her to another GNR song.... stay safe everyone...
  12. I’m ok with a Children’s book...anybody here remember the GNR Rock a ByBaby album...i played it for both my little ones (still do as I have a two year old)..it’s actually really soothing. At least it’s better than your typical lullaby songs:)👍
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