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  1. Just fuckin amazing. Killer show, the band on fire!!!
  2. Slash is left handed in the Picture Disc. UMG is so fuckin stupid
  3. In 2011, they played in Orfeo (Cordoba), Metropolitano de Rosario and La Plata. 10.000 people the first two shows, La Plata almost full In Ferro 2014, it was an expensive show. That was one of the reason of the poor ticket sales. In La Plata 2017, was too expensive. 130usd General Admission, 220usd VIP, 320usd "Preferencial". That's a fuckin ton of money for our shitty economy. In River Plate 2016, VIP was 150usd. Slash is playing in bigger venues every new tour, here in Argentina 5 shows: Mendoza, Cordoba, Rosario and 2 in Buenos Aires. (killer shows, specially Teatro
  4. Let's give them anothe fucking chance today. 1 month between the first 2 NITL Selects. Maybe today...
  5. I know! I did not explain myself well. The Axl's impersonators are better than Axl beacuse they are younger than him. He's 58...
  6. That's it mate, the amateur management. Maybe we get something today, but our opinions will not change. The TB "movements" in the music industry are so bad.
  7. "They'd try or see if they could" - They has nothing to do apart from reschedule the tour (The management). A BIG BAND works as a company, there are sectors that take care of different things. If there is someone in charge of marketing, it is who has to take care of this together with the group that films all the shows and its producer or promoters of UMG / Geffen or whoever.
  8. Yes, it's all criticism because they can't do this WEEKLY. We're really happy with this NITL Selects, we're only pissed off beacuse of the amateur movements they do. What are the difficulties of launching this weekly? Why is there always an excuse for everything? The video edition of the first NITL was practically null and still we were satisfied with it.
  9. The Rolling Stones new song out tomorrow and this band can't POST A FUCKIN VIDEO weekly
  10. This is just so stupid. What are they waiting for? Can't do it weekly? Now the new excuse might be the fuckin coronavirus again? This management is so amateur. This happen when family and not profesionally people works with a band, a HUGE BAND.
  11. Great improvement! Really better video and audio quality 🙌🏻 I think they should have chosen another show than this one
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