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  1. Some of the members have played VH, in Velvet Revolver, for the Van Halen ROF induction. They played Aint talkin' Bout Love & Runaround. They were not well received, I think mostly due to Weiland. Do you think they would add a song since they have a history of doing this? If so , what song?
  2. Ahhhh Ok. Thanks for the clarification. I thought that was crazy they were able to capture that audio to that level.
  3. I came across this video this weekend. It's amazing how they were able to capture this great sound quality back in 1983. GNR should find out who captured this and get them on board!
  4. They probably have some guy backstage that way they don't have to be locked into a track and can be flexible if needed.
  5. The Road Warriors (Legion of Doom) were in the wrestling game long before Demolition. Demolition was made to mimic the Road Warriors. Del was a fan of the segment. He is a big wrestling fan: del james @deljamesgang This segment on #AEWDynamite was the best wrestling segment since the #COVID19 #QuarantineLife began! Major props to @IAmJericho and @DuffMcKagan for always being entertaining!!
  6. Pretty funny segment from last nights AEW show.
  7. I am still impressed the Mick Mars is able to do that whammy bar bit during the intro and yet still plays the rhythm guitar part underneath it. LOL
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