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  1. What a weird world we live in. I'm glad they're doing something at least, with this I'm very hopeful more is coming. I would've preferred Hardschool for the first single but oh well. I don't hate Absurd as much as I thought I would but the placement of the "Screaming fucking banshee" line sounds so off to me. Sounds a lot better in the leaks (at least village sessions, I'm not sure I've heard the BBF leak).
  2. I used to think/feel the same but it's gotten to a point where I don't think it matters. The songs they do play don't always sound that great either. I think they could perform Shackler's in a way similar to Slither, if that makes any sense. With enough backing vocals from Duff/Melissa/Dizzy I think it would be passable.
  3. My gut tells me they are trolling us and that they have actual new music (I'll even count Hardschool since it hasn't been performed live, even though it's not NEW new) coming out and/or being performed soonish. But at the same time I don't trust my gut at all anymore, especially not when it comes to Guns. So maybe this is all we get. No Hardschool, no single, no album, no nothing. We'll see.
  4. I don't think I will be comfortable going to normal concerts for quite a long time even after I get vaccinated (normal being like they were pre-pandemic). So I guess my answer is no, kind of?
  5. The ballad reminds me of When the Children Cry by White Lion. I honestly don't hate it. The solo doesn't sound Slash-like. I don't really care for the rocker. I'm not a huge nerd when it comes to Axl's voice but something sounds a bit off. I think it's just a bit too much Axl to be Axl, if that makes any sense. My guess would be an impersonator.
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