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  1. They will probably sacrifice CD or Better. OTGM/My Michelle were scrapped in favour of fucking Slither.
  2. They are just using Covid for another lameass excuse why the new album couldn't be released. Once they have the opportunity to restart the Fat Tour, the biggest change would probably be the last 2 CD songs being replaced by covers in the set.
  3. I was a newbie fan in 2018 and hated Tobias for being a reason why the remains of the band broke up. Then I realized that he was actually a tool w/ whom Axl manipulated the others. Still, he was a decent co-writer
  4. I'd rather have wanted Prostitute, Sorry and Madagascar over Doof attempting So Fine. Fat band is just trying to bury Chinese.
  5. Saw them in 2018 in Tallinn. I am also done w the same setlist, Axl's vocals degrading and shitty merch. Only good thing in the past few years are the leaks, really love State Of Grace. Team Brazil and lazy Fat Axl are acting like SCOM is the biggest thing that still needs to be celebrated, even after severely overplaying it everywhere for fucking 33 years. I have been lurking here occasionally, but I prefer GNFNR for the fat content just for something to laugh about while the band is basically insulting its fans, sitting on their fat asses and doing nothing.
  6. The leaked 1999 versions sounded better when they were in the early stages and not filled w random shit. Flunk Ferreira ruined the title track for example
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