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  1. Fifteen years ago I had heard from a greek fan that mtv had filmed the show fully because the date of it coinscided with the 2 year anniversary of the illusion tour. Interestingly, many people uploaded stuff I've never seen before. So not Athens?
  2. It's baz's fault. For me, it would be AFD 99, 1994-97 sessions (some of them are actually snakepit demos I believe!). Especially, back and forth again demo from Axl singing. We have that snippet only! Also, Athens 1993 live (mtv pro-shot). I can settle that with a time-machine (only 3 hours limit and I'm ok) back then. Even a footage with Axl singing dead flowers with Gilby in 2000 would be cool.
  3. Axl' autobiography in that era is a pretty cool thought.
  4. My happiest moment in Gn'R lives after some break they had, is the adding of new songs in their setlist (especially songs that they never played live, like "get in the ring" one day). Having said that, even a handful of new songs are welcome for me.
  5. You made a fair point. 91-93 excessive singing explains the transition of his voice. But did he constantly sing after 1993? No, except some studio sessions I believe. Shouldn't his voice become stable?
  6. Yeah but that doesn't explain why in the last concerts (Argentina 93) his voice was pretty good. We should see a bad transition if the damage was in process of the exhaustion. However his voice looked pretty cool till the end of the illusion tours.
  7. I didn't see any real improvement in the band after 2011. Axl's voice sucks nowadays, I enjoyed him more in AC/DC, the only way you can here him with rasp. Either way, for me the end was the reunion, it didn't catch my attention back then. After that I heared they're touring the world again. I was like, ok screw the nugnr thing and CD era, it didn't work so well after all. No mythical return with the CD, the return of the old members was more success I guess. So, I went along with it and said that's the best for Gn'R. But without a new album, no slimer Axl with rasp, this band is only gnawing the nostalgia that its entity produces.
  8. I think scom is the most challenging song. So 2010 perfomance is attributed to his weight as well? Indeed. The scom bigdaddy version is part of AFD 99, right?
  9. Oh, we forgot the sessions with the songs that ended up as the next slash' snakepit album. It is believed that they could be the next illussion album if Axl hadn't turned down slash's creations. We have a snippet of Axl and Slash in the The Making Of Estranged: Part IV Of The Trilogy. Shame it's only a whistle and some guitar intro of back and forth again... Even the yeah part (the only singing) seems to be sang without helium voice :-P. Interestingly, the VHS Tape with the snippet was released in April 26, 1994. I consider it the last relic of the old GN'R era.
  10. Great points everyone!| Last time we heard the old Axl? I think it was with Bruce Springsteen, the sudden live perfomance of "come together".Or maybe the intriguing "sympathy for the devil"?It could be the mellow "dead flowers" with the friendly Gilby Clarke?Finally, the Axl Rose and Slash apart contribute with outpatience, the underground "anxious desease" in 1996.Even back then, (I agree with the previous posts) I think Axl's voice changed hell a lot somewhere between 1994 and 1996, cause "anxious desease" looks closer to live-era or even CD. I won't say the messy "oh my god", Axl's voice there is hard even to grasp.your thoughts, or another recording (live or studio) I might missing?
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