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  1. As this is a place as good to ask as any: I've been invited to a wedding at the end of April in Spain. They are both close friends of mine, and I'd definitely attend in normal times. They have said that they might cancel the wedding reception and get married with no guests, if they have to. What do you think? What should I do? I'm particularly adverse to losing cash this year, as we're in the final stages of saving up for a house deposit. So I know I'd need to book fully refundable flights and accommodation. But it's really hard to tell if we'll be in a
  2. Don't be so confident in your chances of not meeting any of us. Regarding meeting forum members, I'm in double digits now.
  3. Haha brilliant! Merry Christmas! It's my daughter's birthday tomorrow, so I'm finally all prepared for that.
  4. Cheers Soulie. Yes, I run around with my phone in my hand. I do have a Garmin watch, but gave up on it as I didn't find it's tracking as accurate as I'd like. As for shoes, I run with an Adidas pair. I think in the new year I'll get kitted out with a more specialist pair. When I started running, I was just using a really cheap pair of generic trainers. While I managed to reach 5K in them, getting a proper pair of running trainers made such a difference. Thanks for your advice regarding nutrition and hydration. I think I'll get a little hydration pack for further longer runs. I'm not
  5. It was fairly flat, I live in a flat city. A couple of bridges here and there, but that's it. After 15k it was a real slog. But I thought about it like this: The final 1.3k I can walk in my warm down. That left me with only 5k to run. And I was slow, really slow. But I took it 1k at a time. All it is, is a case of running further. It was so, so boring. But I knew that effort would be nothing compared to the regret I'd feel if I stopped prematurely. Now I'm done, I feel relieved. Physically, I had to go to the toilet as soon as I got home and compulsively... went. M
  6. Completed my first half marathon today. It took me three hours, but I did it.
  7. Now I'm a suburban mum, that blackcurrant scented candle circa 2004 would come in handy.
  8. Sorry that it hasn't made it to your grandparents yet. I think they get very little notice for when they are invited for the vaccination. It could happen very soon and they wouldn't know for more than a few days beforehand. My grandparents are over 80. They probably got it fairly sharpish as my grandad is in and out for hospital care anyway. My grandmother expected a further wait as she's with a different GP. However it wouldn't be unlike her to cheekily ask if she could go at the same time as my grandad.
  9. My grandparents got vaccinated today. They live in a town which usually makes the 'crap places to live' list, so am impressed with how quickly it's reached them.
  10. I'm a Lost Cities addict. Have gifted it to my brother for Christmas too! Don't you think there's enough arguing here already?
  11. This watch is my Christmas present to myself. I don't normally buy myself gifts, but it's a reward for achieving so much at running this year.
  12. I chose this book on assurance that it wasn't touchy-feely self help. I'm three short chapters in and the author is already using terms such as The Universe and "raising your frequency". I felt a great justice in writing a one star Amazon review.
  13. @RussTCB Hey Russ, I'm catching up with Infectious Groove while I'm at work. Just want to say that the sentence "I'm usually driving the Axl crap bus" made me really chuckle. Thank you!
  14. The NHS is free at the point of use, however all medicines cost money to produce and that's the cost the NHS will be paying on our behalf. I read somewhere that the NHS budgets £2200 per person, per year. Obviously there are years where individuals won't depend on it much at all, and years when we will. It's something I'm glad my taxes pay for.
  15. Henry VIII undeniably made a few poor life choices, but why did he marry a woman he didn't find attractive?
  16. Saw a guy last week wearing a mask over his nose, but not his mouth. And that's the most exciting thing I've seen all year!
  17. My husband has really stepped up his cooking lately. He's been experimenting with dry brining chicken, which was lush. I made a green shakshuka on Wednesday, which is becoming one of my regulars. I'll try putting crispy bacon in next time.
  18. And I'll add regarding the poorest areas being hit hardest, spend any time on a council-estate and you'll see a tight-knit community. People on council estates move far less often. They're born and raised, then get a house of their own in the same area, so they can behave more like family than neighbours. They're happy to walk into each others' houses, look after each others' kids, let friends who have it worse sleep on their sofas. Lockdown hasn't made a difference to these practices, so of course, Covid is spreading more there, sadly.
  19. I just want to clarify that while I was angry last night, I'm not angry at any specific individuals. I'm angry that the American government has led its citizens to believe that travelling long distances and visiting each others' homes is acceptable during this pandemic. It hasn't communicated clearly enough how dangerous Covid-19 is. For a society where everyone pays vast sums of money for their healthcare, I expected culturally that there might be a bit more adversity to catching it.
  20. Florida? They flew from Michigan all that way for Disney World? It's so selfish. All this is causing me not to like Americans in general.
  21. I just need somewhere to vent. A friend of mine in the USA has posted on Facebook a photo of her hugging her dad. It was taken today. They live four states apart. I'm absolutely fuming that nobody in the US seems to appreciate that there's a highly infectious virus which spreads when people travel and spend time with each other. Y'all don't give a crap while Europe is in a second national lockdown. I've not seen my elderly grandparents since Christmas!
  22. Estranged. One I hated as a youngster, but have come to really appreciate in adulthood.
  23. I used the One You Couch to 5K app. I didn't get on with a 5K-10K app, so just run now, and measure my time with Strava. I'm more interested in running far, not fast. But I'm fairly slow, so perhaps using one of the apps you use is a good idea. Thank you for sharing your experience with them.
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