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  1. That's the only thing I dislike about his playing, he rarely surprises with his note/technique-choices. To me, nearly every of his solo sections depending on the genre sound (too much) alike because he keeps repeating the same licks over and over, more than any other guitarrist in Guns. If you like it, you could say he has a very high recognition factor, to me it tends to be a little boring. For the song: Sounded a bit random to me, to throw this little solo section in the song.
  2. I think its only Robin for two reasons (although I'm not entirely sure). The lead guitar work sounds a lot more like him than Bucket, rhythm guitar could be both. But the fact, that the track includes the piano breaks makes me think, that it could be more of a "band-track" with Robin that has been worked on with the line up before Buckethead joined rather than the more Bucket-esque tracks. But like I said, pure loud thinking, could be exactly the other way around, although I would be pretty surprised if the lead guitar isn't Robin.
  3. Sorry, I know exactly what you mean, maybe I phrased my post wrong. I just wanted to point out, that for me, that source holds much more credibility than for a example if I read something which came from gunsnfnroses. Of course he can only pass something on, which he's heard (or share his touring/marketing knowledge) which turnes out to be not true in the end.
  4. To be fair, that info came from Big Boss from the old sp1at-forum, who has definitely some connections as far as I'm concerned (quite a few stories came from him and gigger back in the day through interviews and such). Of course, he also posted rumours, which turned out to be not true, but on all forums, he is the one, who I put most faith in.
  5. That was probably the lowest point, I couldn't believe he was doing this song when I first heard it... Especially since the main solo could be played by anyone playing guitar for one year, there was no need for him to be in this. On a happier note, since you mentioned Slash's other collaborations, Street Child by Elan is still one of his best solos in his catalogue and proves, what he is able to, when he just slows things down a bit, contrary to his playing on recent tours.
  6. Quick question from me: I wanted to post about my band doing a few coversongs from GNR, Santana etc, played by us, which are on youtube but I don't want to cause any trouble. Am I allowed to post them nowadays? Thanks for your help!
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