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Ian Brown - The World is Yours


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Yep, the Godlike Genius of the Stone Roses is putting out an album in late September, do we have any fans in here?

Here's the cover and tracklisting.


1. The World Is Yours

2. On Track

3. Sister Rose

4. Save Us

5. The Eternal Flame

6. The Feeding Of The 5000

7. Street Children (Pity The Child)

8. Some Folks Are Hollow

9. Goodbye To The Broken

10. Me And You Forever

11. Illegal Attacks

12. The World Is Yours (Reprise)

... track 11, featuring Sinead O' Connor, will be the first single released about a week or two before the album. Personally I can't wait for this, Solarized was an awesome album and the Stone Roses are just too good for words.

If you're not into mister Brown, get your hands on The Very Best of the Stone Roses and Ian Brown: The Greatest right now!

Keep What Ya Got (feat. Noel Gallagher)

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Saw him in Manchester for the Versus Cancer gig at the end of March, Noel Gallagher & Gem Archer, paul Weller, Echo & The Bunnymen, Bernard Butler (Suede) and The Charlatans were also playing. Browny did a storming set (played 2 new songs from the album (goodbye to the broken and on track)) FEAR, TIME, Dolphins Were Monkeys, Golden Gaze and a few others, but missed Keep What Ya Got, All Ablaze and Lovebug! Was very good though, and for the finale, he got onstage with Mani (bassist for stone roses), paul ryder (Happy Mondays guitarist) and Steve White (Weller's drumer) and they did I Am The Ressurection.

Fave IB songs-Keep What Ya Got, Lovebug, All Ablaze, Fear, Dolphins Were Monkeys.

Fave SR songs-Waterfall, Ten Storey Love Song, I Am The Resurrection, I Wanna Be Adored.

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