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"Tomorrow Never Knows" was made to hear while stoned

Gallagher Rose

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All those sounds (the reverse guitar and the other ones) in the song were put together only to take a better effect for a trip.

I was really really stoned yesterday,after smoke some weed,and this song sounded so fuckin' immense in my head.The "bird" sound effect is really awesome when you're high.

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i dont think its expressly designed for that purpose but it fucking works well that way. i like it because its very atonal and sort of disjointedly rhythmic and Lennons like...detached dreamy manic depressive medication-ish vocal comes off REALLY well...fits the song to a T. the lyrics arent a lot more than John riffing off on weird Tibetan Book Of The Dead type lyrics...absolute genius though...as a piece of work.

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