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U2-Achtung Baby


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Ok so I know I becoming the "band thread" person by some of the pm's, but oh well. I am new to the forum and I want to hear other people's opinion on things I enjoy.

With all that BS said.........thoughts on this album guys. I personally rank it as the 2nd best of the 90's, but that is saying alot..........

I also think Achtung Baby is U2's best album.

Edit: This is not a U2 bash thread......so if you don't like them why post in this thread?

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What are some of the stand out tracks on this album? I've been looking to invest in a U2 album and I always thought Joshua Tree was the definitive... but I've been hearing a lot about this one lately :)

Obviously the song "One"; but other goodies are as follows:

The Fly

Mysterious Ways


Whose Gonna Ride Your WIld Horses

Zoo Station

Love is Blindness

......freak the whole album is good:)

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Their best album in my opinion, and probably an inspiration to Radiohead.

I love the jaggedness of it, the real sense of darkness it has while still sounding like U2.

I think 'The Fly' is the first U2 song that I ever really remember hearing, that'd explain it.

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"Achtung Baby" is not just my favorite U2 album, but my favorite album by any group. To truly appreciate this album, you need to put it in the context of what was going on with the band, and what was going on in the music industry at the time. After "Rattle and Hum" a lot of people were slamming U2 for becoming too full of themselves, and Bono even admitted that they had to take a step back and "dream it all up again." I can't think of a band that reinvented itself with such brilliance and perfection as U2 did with "Achtung Baby." They reinvented their entire sound, and came out sounding better and more suited for the music of the early 90s. Not only that, they had improved by leaps and bounds lyrically. If you really want to know how great this album is , just listen to "One." It is easily one of the greatest and most moving songs ever written, and even if that was the only semi-decent song on that albm, it would still make "Achtung Baby" a classic. Luckily, there are several other gems on there like "Mysterious Ways," "Ultraviolet," and "Until the End of the World." You'll be hard pressed to find a better album released in the 90s, and I think finding a better album from any time period would be quite a challenge too.

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Great album, I can't believe I didn't look into U2s discography until recently. I've got Boy, War, Achtung Baby and Joshua Tree - does anyone have any recommendations?

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! You have all those albums and , yet still haven't bought "October."

Shame on you dude:)

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This is truly the best album of the last 20 years (PJ Harvery- Stories.......is a close second) start to finish....it really does have somthing for everybody.

How can anyone not like that guitar solo on the "The Fly"....

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