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My music is online..

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Well I'm working with Laura Nauda at the moment, we've got a few warmup gigs around christmas and then a short tour booked to run through february, and a festival in March.

I'm meeting Kelly Lee in the new year to discuss possibly touring with her as her live guitarist.. she's signed with Halo UK so that will be pretty good if I get that.

Meeting Bianca (formally of White Heat) for pretty much the same thing.

Basically helping record their albums and play with them as a live guitarist... it's definate with Laura and the other two are forthcoming..

It seems a pretty good way of meeting people, establishing contacts, getting some experience etc before trying to start my own thing.

And thankyou for the kind words =)

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It was just me in a studio, I didn't have a choice.

What? So the mixer said you have to pan drums.

No, I mean it was literally just me. No drummer, no producer, no-one.

I can't play drums.

This isn't really the point, I want criticism on the music if anything, I don't see the benefit in going into the has and has nots of the shitty production. If I want my music to be properly produced I'll hire a proper producer.

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