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A day in the life-Beatles. And Sgt Peppers in general really


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What an incredible song. I just love it.

Never really paid much attention to the beatles before. But after hearing a day in the life on radio 2 last week I got sgt peppers and am loving it.

Opinions on the album?

Top 3 albums for getting into the Beatles?

And what is that weird noise at the end of a day in the life!? :unsure:

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The ending is actually paul screwing around. the words are "never could see any other way"

don't listen to these guys so much, cause most people on the forums will point you to the latter years instead of the early years. Since your assumingly starting with sgt pepper, as sgt. pepper, while great, isn't a rock album by any stretch(with notable exception to, the theme and reprise, and with a little help from my friends, and good morning)

go straight to revolver, then rubber soul, then abbey road, then beatles for sale. Then stop to check your bank account

if you enjoyed sgt pepper and abbey road more at this point, go straight to let it be naked and the white album

if you enjoyed that old rock/pop vibe(beatles for sale and abbey road) go straight to please please me and with the beatles

if you enjoyed revolver the most(as this is where the 2 idea were balanced), or enjoyed them all nearly equally then, my friend the entire catalogue is your oyster,(but at all costs stay away from yellow submarine, it's a rip)

end with Love, trust me

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And what is that weird noise at the end of a day in the life!? :unsure:

You mean that noise at the very end? That's an ultrasonic dog whistle. I can hear it--many of my friends can't.

No smart-arse replies please :rolleyes:

Immediately following the dying moments of the crashing piano chord is an extremely high-pitched tone - too high-pitched for some, especially adults to hear but audible to dogs and other animals and most younger listeners. The high tone was inserted, as was John Lennon's intention, to irritate the listener's dog.

wow you're right :unsure: freaky shit.

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