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Tim Skold Leaves Marilyn Manson

The Sandman

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Was originally posted in a Myspace Bulletin, and can be seen here: http://www.marilynmanson.com/news/

Apparently, the split was "amicable" - and sees Twiggy Ramirez return to Manson.

This is great in the sense that Twiggy is back, but the loss of Skold will be felt in my opinion. Very good collaborator with Manson. Shame.

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Aye, occured on the 9th, but I only found out today, sorry hehe.

I guess he'll have to fit in somehow, but Manson has hardly been "traditional", in that he's been far more reserved recently. Hopefully,they'll go back to their stageshow roots. By the fact he was listed as "Twiggy Ramirez" rather than "Geordie White" is hopefully a good indicator towards the traditional former self.

Well, here is hoping...

Sad that both John5 and now him have left.

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