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Favourite Opera Song


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I was at a funeral the other week and a song was played while the coffin was carried out, it was such a peaceful song and fitted the occasion quite well, 'Time To Say Goodbye' by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli.

All though I have only listened to a handful of Opera songs ever! I felt this song was really strong and hope to find other opera songs as good as this one.

That being said, what is everyone's favourite Opera Song?

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i've been interested in Opera purely for its theatrical/dramatic qualities for a a while now but i honestly couldnt tell you like...i mean name songs but i have heard L'amico Fritz and certain others...but thats an entire opera not a specific song. and being that im not Italian it kinda washes through me as opposed me understand it word for word. i'd love to go see an opera...but you gotta be richie for that shit :lol: oh well..

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I got an opera singer living below me in my apartment building. :angry:

I actually havn't heard anything for about a month now so maybe she moved out.

The first time I heard her I looked at my wife and said "What the fuck is that?" she said we have an opera singer living below us. It started driving me nuts, I said to my wife "doesn't that bother you?" she said not really.

When she would practice it would only be for about a half hour, but that half hour drove me nuts.

But like I said I think she's gone now so it's nice and quite.

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