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Welsh metal/rock/rap scene


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Has anyone heard welsh language rock/rap? Any Cymru here? Latley those kinds of bands have been selling more records in wales and i hear theyve been touring outside of wales (Genood Droog, Derwyddon Dr Gonzo, Mc Mabon, Cartilag etc) Whaddya think of them? Welsh heavy metal souns s bit wired... but most rap bands are pretty good- Genod droog did an awsome cover of jump around-house of pain last year/thats their kindf "sound" if you type the names to youtube or sumthin they might come up...

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The only Welsh music I've really heard was some Welsh folk music that I happened to catch on the radio travelling past Bristol, which I liked a lot. Although I'll often deny it (especially in times of rugby union), I do like the sound of the Welsh language.

I'll do some research tomorrow.

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