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The which-song-is-this-thread

Raw Power

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We really need a thread like this where people can get help to find songs.

But before you post here, you can try to:

-Use google.com

If you know a couple of phrases, even only a couple of words of the song it's not a huge task to

google your way to the answer.

Use Allmusic and Amazon.com

If you do know the artist, you can try to search your way through the discography, and listen to the songs.

If none of those gives you an answer, we can try to help you!


I'm first out. I was at the record store today, where I btw got Sonic Youth - Goo, but they played a song I just can't find.

It sounded like something by The Smiths, but I'm not too familiar with their work, and I've tried the options about without any luck.

The only parts of the lyrics I can remember is something like "I got a brain, you've got one of those." Nothing comes up with google, or any other sites.

Anyone wanna help?

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