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Sebastian Bach-Does he sing Bach in Bach instead of Back in Black in front of the Mirror?

Randy Lahey

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We were all thrilled that you guys squashed the reality show rumor so quickly. I sort of think a reality show would have been a good idea if it was done tastefully, but you guys made it pretty clear that there would be no Axl TV, so I'll move on. Anyway, I know that Sebastian Bach keeps Axl entertained and motivated to go on stage each night. I was just wondering if Axl or any one else in the GnR camp has seen footage of Sebastian singing AC/DC's Back in Black in the mirror, with Sebastian's witty substitutions of Back and Black for Bach and Bach? Maybe I've just been watching too many Thomas Meadow videos, but it seems to me that a tape of Sebastian singing Back in Black to Bach in Bach, must exist.

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Axl probably has a secret camera in Bach's dressing room where he records Bach doing and saying stupid (funny) things. Do you really think Bach singing Love Is A Bitch Slap motivates Axl to go on stage and perform? I think Axl watches a "Best of Bach being an Idiot" tape every night which puts Axl in a good mood to go on stage.

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Bach In Black

I can see it now. That retard is going to cover every song with the word 'Back' in it, just so he can use his little funny 'Bach' subsititution.

"I'm bring sexy Bach.."

Oh well, probably sell better than his own material.

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