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Ridin' the Nightrain

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Anybody know this band? They're a Norwegian progressive metal band that have really heavy hints of classical influence. It's pretty fucking awesome stuff. I've been into them since 2005 but I've got obsessed all over again recently. Their sound is fairly unique and blends a lot of really funky virtuoso-esque guitar work with piano, violin, cello, harps... you get the idea. It's not something that many bands could pull off but these guys do it so, sooo well.

They have four albums out but The Imaginary Direction of Time is by far my favourite. It's really the best example of them hitting their creative peak and just cementing themselves as wonderful composers more than anything. It's quite a concept-y album, having heavy philosophical tones and a similar arc through-out, but as great as that is it's all secondary to how the music is composed. It's just stunning to listen to.

I was nice and uploaded my favourite track: Visions of Perfection

I think this might go down well here as it's similar to a lot of Buckethead's slower stuff like Population Override. Just better. :tongue2:

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I quited liked it. I think it's the same sort of thing that we have with comparing Woods III with Pursuit of the Sun. It's definitely not up to the standards of The Imaginary Direction of Time but it's still a really solid album. A bit heavier with less classical influence, but some wonderful guitar work in there regardless.

Also, since you're so amazing and a big The End Records fan like myself I'm pretty sure you'll know that most of the Winds members are from the band Age of Silence, but if not you should check them out yo.

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