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GNR Guitarist Bumblefoot To Create All-Star Band for Diabetes Charity Show


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DATE: May 1, 2008

SOURCE: Bumblefoot

Guns~N~Roses Guitarist BUMBLEFOOT to Create ALL-STAR BAND

In support of 2008 ROCK AGAINST DIABETES Charity Concert

HOLLYWOOD, CA (May 1, 2008) - Guns N Roses guitarist Ron Thal (aka Bumblefoot) has committed himself to this years Rock Against Diabetes event by orchestrating an All Star Band composed of top metal/rock artists of the last two decades.

"I want to help bring attention, awareness, and hopefully get some people thinking about what they can do to prevent diabetes, or how they can lend a hand to someone living with it" explains Thal. "I have been reaching out to musicians to form a group that hasn't ever played together before, something very special just for this one night. This is an important event, and it's a privilege to be able to participate.

Participants of the All Star Band, yet to be named will be announced once they commit to the project. More information on the All Star Band, as well as current and any other lineup changes can be found at www.rockagainstdiabetes.org .

The band will perform live at www.deeprockdrive.com in Las Vegas. There are a very small amount of VIP tickets available only by auction. To bid on these limited edition VIP tickets, visit www.rockagainstdiabetes.org/auction .The rest of the world, will be able to take in the event from the comfort of their homes, in HD as a fully interactive web broadcast. Tickets are available at www.deeprockdrive.com/event/5462/rock_against_diabetes_2008 Tickets are only $9.99 and each ticket purchaser has the option to invite 5 friends to view FREE.

For more information visit www.rockagainstdiabetes.org, www.bumblefoot.com, or www.deeprockdrive.com


Rock Against Diabetes was created my Vancouver music writer and diabetic amputee Darrin Buchanan in 2007. After diagnosis as a type 2 diabetic in 2006, and a resultant below knee amputation of his right foot in March 2008, Darrin has chosen to dedicate his energies to this project to help ensure others do not walk down the same path that he chose previous to diagnosis. The main objective of Rock Against Diabetes, is to provide a FREE worldwide online tool, for all diabetic suffers as well as pre-diabetics to use to eat correctly, set goals and prevent the sometimes brutal complications the disease can inflict on sufferers. 88% of diabetic complications can be slowed or prevented with a proper safe diet. Rock Against diabetes will also donate a portion of all money collected to The BC Children's Hospital, to support the Endocrinology and Diabetic area of care, as well as the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, to support the breakthrough studies in diabetic research they have had. For more information on the causes supported by Rock Against Diabetes, visit www.rockagainstdiabetes.org/causes.htm. For more information about Rock Against Diabetes 2008 Darrin Buchanan darrin@rockagainstdiabetes.org

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