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I recorded "IDEAS" for variation of new guns song and a bob dylan song axl could do

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ok, recently I recorded a variation of "rhiad and the Bedouins". Ok I used only part of the song but i really thought it could be an "idea" for Axl as like a different take on the song. I used slightly different lyrics but I think "the feeling" is more important. Also, I recorded Bob Dylan's "I want you". I sung it in Axl's type of vocals (alot of overdubbing on both using the deep baritone he uses alot and the high vocals) thinking he would really rock on this!!!!! Please don't be too critical. I am recording with only a 12 dollar cheap mic on my computer and sometimes the guitars are out of sync as well as the vocals. These are meant only for ideas but i do like them.

I started the I want you with lyrcis " all my fathers they've gone down, true love they've been without it than going back to the original " The guilty undertaker sighs,

The lonesome organ grinder cries,

The silver saxophones say I should refuse you" lyrics.

I only came up with these ideas because I really liked them and they have been on my mind for awhile. Also, they are only "SNIPPETS". They are only "ideas" . Again, Please don't take it too seriously.

I never uploaded anything. hopefully it works.



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