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Im rubbish

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Title says it all. As a guitar player, im great at playing chords. But Im not too good at lead/riffing/soloing. Mainly due to my inhumane obsession with Oasis, they're all I ever learn, and I know not many other songs.

I suppose Id like some suggestions of good songs to learn for lead guitar, stuff not too hard, but enough to help improve my playing.

Thanks very much :)

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Learn some David Gilmour leads note for note. They aren't especially tough or fast or anything, but the phrasing is beautiful. Take a crack of some Slash too. Nightrain and Welcome to the Jungle are easy. November Rain isn't too hard, and it has some good phrasing (first two leads, I never bothered learning the 3rd note for note it's more fun to improvise over it).

I also recommend recording some rhythm tracks and try improvising over them using scales. Start off easy with the blues scale, minor pentatonic, natural minor, major, etc.

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im the oppossite to you markyboy. im good at learning riffs and jimmy page and tony iommi guitar solos but i suck at playing acqoustic stuff. id just rather rock out on guitar. i like listening to melodic stuff but i just dont have the patience to play it. id suggest trying to learn some led zeppelin and black sabbath. the ocean by led zeppelin is pretty easy and it'll impress people, just listen to the song alot to get the timing right for the main riff

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