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Previously unheard Jimi Hendrix songs to be released


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Previously unreleased music by Jimi Hendrix, recorded with his band The Ghetto Fighters in the 1960s, is set to see the light of day.

Hendrix was in the band with Taharqa Aleem and Tunde Ra, who are twin brothers.

The pair are set to release previously unheard material through media company we-R-you, reports CMU Daily.

Although some Ghetto Fighters material has been issued as a part of Hendrix compilations, the newly-surfaced material has not been made available in the past.

The material will be released alongside a screenplay and autobiography featuring animations and a cartoon self-portrait by the late guitarist.

"Jimi might not have known what an avatar was, but he foresaw a day when we would all have representations of ourselves that could move in different worlds," said Tunde Ra.

"When you see his original sketches of himself and create a real avatar out of them using today's technology, the result is amazing," he added.


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