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Female Pianist Covers "This I love" (youtube)

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That is fucking great, if anybody other than a rock star had created that people would be raving that it was one of the best pieces of music ever created, it actually helps you appreciate what Axl does even more.

You can imagine Axl at home creating that and being blown away at what he had done

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is this true?

it is (from 1998)

Dawn Soler, the musical supervisor for the film has said in an interview that W. Axl Rose intended to have the unreleased Guns N' Roses song "This I Love" in this movie but for some reason the director didn't use the song.

Dawn Soler talks about the GnR song "This I Love"

Dawn Soler, the musical supervisor for the film "What Dreams May Come" has been speaking exclusively to elsewhere about working with Guns n Roses's Axl Rose.

When asked whether she could recollect any of the song that she probably hasn't heard for around 7 years she unfortunately said "Oh boy that was a long time ago", she was also unsure how the oppourtunity to work with Axl came along in the first place.

However, she assure me that Axl "was really into the film" and rather interestingly suggested that he "wrote the song for it". This contradicts an interview from 1994 where Axl said he had already written the song, which many fans speculated was about Dylan, the son of Axl's one time partner, Stephanie Seymour.

However the film did not make the final cut despite Dawn's fondness of the Guns n Roses track, the reason she gave elsewhere was that "the director was a pill and didn't get how cool it would be".

If any Guns n Roses fans feel the need to send hate-mail to that director then I believe his name is Vincent Ward and he lives in New Zealand.*

The new Guns n Roses album "Chinese Democracy" is currently rumoured for release between April and July depending on which reports you choose to believe. Whether the song "This I Love" will ever be released is unsure and for that we have Mr. Ward to blame.

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Is what true? The video is a tribute to some movie.

As for the song supposedly being on some soundtrack, I've never heard of that before.

EDIT: Nevermind then. Strange.

this i love would have fit....unfortunately only the message would...the movie is very sad but axl's screaming would have kill the mood

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