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solo shows--anyone going?

Burnt Toes

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Yeah, Gilby's a lot of fun live. I pity anyone who skips his shows--they don't know what they're missin'. And he's totally underrated as a guitarist. Those who have not witnessed the guy live...go to one of his shows and see (hear) for yourself! :shades:

Madison, Dizzy's playing the Tribeca Rock Club on March 21st. I am pretty sure this is the url for the site: Tribeca Rock Club. If it isn't, I'll be sure to correct it. You can order tix on the site...I didn't click the buttons while I was there (can't order tix 'til I'm sure the evil schedule will permit me some fun), so I don't know if you order them directly, or if you're shuttled to another site. I definitely would like to go to both shows.

Mammal, how about a review of the show you've seen? I've never seen Buck do a solo show. Saw him for the first time in Vegas 2001. The man was transcendent. He truly is an extraordinary talent.

See ya'll later.

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Well hell, seems Dizzy at the Tribeca Rock Club has been cancelled. Hopefully he'll play elsewhere in the area sometime soon. I know he's gonna be in New England and the like...but there's gotta be somewhere in NYC he can play during this mini tour. Somebody book the man a gig!

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I would like to see everyone when I get a chance, but the only one I have seen is Tommy Stinson, and he was absolutly amazing. I would like to see Izzy though. (if he still plays solo?). I want to see Buckethead too. I want to see those dudes the most, then i'll go the other guys shows if they come anywhere near Iowa lol. (Which they never do :/)

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