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I've been listening to this band for 20 years now. Just bought 7th row tickets to go see them next month- it'll be my 4th Tesla show. These guys kick ass live! Any other fans? I know most of you will probably say it's "mullet rock", but whatever......

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Bought a couple of albums that I haven't listened to yet. Five Man Acoustical Jam and Mechanical Resonance. When I do I'll post what I think.

Hair metal, mullet rock, whatever people want to label it...yeah, most of it was pretty uninspired and I have started to branch out into other genres, but at it's best it was pretty damn good and still is some of my favourite music to listen to. I've got high hopes for Tesla, as lots of people seem to hold the opinion that they were a cut above most bands of that era.

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I remember seeing that music special last year about the Rhode Island nightclub

disaster, and Tesla was on that, and man did singer Jeff Keith sound HORRIBLE!

I hope he has gotten voice back!He is a great singer and I was into Tesla back

when "What You Give" came out, I was addicted to that song, I knew it so well

I lip-synced it perfectly.

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The Great Radio Conspiracy and Five Man Acoustical Jam are both good. I though Mechanical Resonance was pretty bad though and I haven't heard anything else... I don't listen much to this type of music and when I do, there's stuff I enjoy more than Tesla. Still not bad though.

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