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Hey Fuckers! Check out my tunes and tell me what you think! SERIOUSLY I WANT HONEST OPINIONS!

Where better to drop the first two songs then in the forum of the people I'd want as fans!

A little history: I've been putting this album together for A LONG TIME now. I released an EP in 2006 but it was more blues based. I'm more of a rocker at heart so I went back to the drawing board so to speak. I've got 3 more songs in the final stages of production which should see light in the next couple months!

PS - I'm dumb... Here's the addres http://www.myspace.com/thecircleback

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The solo's seem quite a bit out of key, (more so in Unconfest), being a musician myself that sticks out a fair bit.

I'd like to hear the songs with the vocals pushed up a little bit ahead of the rest, and maybe sang with a bit more power.

Other than that I liked the feel of the songs.

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