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need your opinion...


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well, i was talking with some friends about the rock scene in former yugoslavia back in the 70s, 80s and early 90s. i think there were some of the most talented musicians in the world but i dunno, maybe it's just homerism. so, i need your opinion...

i picked some random songs of some of the best band of the old days..."

Divlje Jagode ("Wild Strawberries")


Magic Love

spec: i think they had the most talented vocal in alen islamović and the best guitarist in sead "zele" lipovača.

Bijelo Dugme ("White Button")

Padaju Zvijezde

Ružica si bila

Lipe Cvatu

spec: probably the most popular band, Bijelo Dugme was goran bregović' band, he was their alpha and omega. later, alen islamović from Divlje Jagode joined them.

Riblja Čorba ("Fish Stew")

Kada padne noć

Ostani Djubre do kraja

spec: probably the best band of today's rock scene in ex yu


Bili Cvitak

spec: film = jura stublić

Prljavo Kazalište ("Dirty Theatre")

Kiše Jesene

Parni Valjak ("Steamroller")

Jesen u meni


Voljela me nije ni jedna


(elvis cover "are you lonesome tonight)

hope i'll get some replies from you guy folks, thx ;)

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I never listened to Divlje Jagode too-much, except for "Motori" don't know much of their music, TBH

However, Bijelo Dugme is a whole another story. You didn't put the "Hajdemo u Planine", "Djurdjevdan", "Hej Slaveni" ( :lol: ) on the list... I listen to Dugme a lot

Čorba? Kako ne? :lol: Great band, perhaps my favourite is "Amsterdam" rock3

Film? never heard...

Prljavci? Fantastic rock3

Parni Valjak - probably one of my favourite ex-yu bands

and Azra also rock3

I'd also like to mention HLADNO PIVO (punk band from Croatia)

...that's only a few of those I like..

and great topic, btw :xmasssanta:

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yeah, it's almost impossible to add all the great bands and all their great songs to the list but i agree... djurdjevdan from bijelo dugme should definitly be on it - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4es5XwHzL40

hladno pivo ("cold beer") is another great band. my fav song is "džepni bog" though. "svi smo ga mi voljeli" is somewhere up there too :xmasssanta:

maybe we could add "leb i sol" and "smak" to the list too. there were some international rock legends who said that "leb i sol" guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski is the best guitarist of the world. smak's radomir mihajlović "točak" is great too.

Vlatko Stefanovski

Divlje Jagode is pretty good.

I'm going to be the first person in Oregon to get some of that Serbian rock blarin'

hehe, glad you like it :D

btw, they are from bosnia, not serbia ;)

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