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David Bowie


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SOmehow I never heard of David Bowie until about 3 or 4 months ago (I'm 27). How did I miss this guy? He's awesome! I love all his stuff. When's the next album and tour coming? Jeez...I have "Ashes to Ashes" running through my head all day. China girl is the hot shit too! Bowie is my favorite artist, hands down

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Looks like he's having a resurgence among younger people these days. My son's been getting into him too. Bowie's yet another of the iconic artists spawned during the Golden Years (great song, funky). And don't forget it was us oldies who made sure his star never faded. Bowie's best years are gone, but luckily his legend lives on and young people like yourselves can enjoy him as we did.

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