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New Music out today: 5/12/09

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Anyone remember, Dishwalla???


Dishwalla frontman, J.R. Richards releases his first solo album today. You may remember Dishwalla for their late 90's hits, "Counting Blue Cars", "Haze", "Charlie Brown's Parents", "Give", "Once In Awhile", "Until I Wake Up", and the Dishwalla fan fav, "Stay Awake."

The story of Dishwalla is quite a bitter one with their former label A&M Records. If you recall, around 1997-ish -- the label got swept up in the Universal Music Group merger that left over 3,000 people out of jobs. And half the bands on the labels fell victim to this music inside mess. Dishwalla was at the peak of their career. They spent two years working on their, "And You Think You Know What Life's About" album. 3 weeks before the album's release. All the major rock radio stations were playing the single, "Once in A While." The new Universal execs that were part of the A&M merger buy out--had a meeting with the band 3 weeks before the album was to be released. They told the band to start recording their next album already because the new one didn't have Universal's name on it -- so they had no plans to promote it. Universal could have just re-released the album with their name -- but, no. They wanted a full new seperate album from the band. The band members said no and re-hired several of their people that got let go from the merger and went independent.

The band released two album independently since then. JR Richards is also supposed to be in an upcoming horror film as well. Check out his new album, "A Beautiful End," released on iTunes today and May 26, 2009 everywhere else...

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