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Amazing fucking band. Darby was fuckin vicious man...like an less sexy Iggy Pop...an American Sid Vicious to paraphrase a fine gentleman. Don Bolles was the fuckin boy too, a serious musician relative to how the rest of The Germs were. Didja know Belinda Carlisle was an original member? Fucking brilliant band though...the sheer speed at which they learned their craft was amazing, you'll find this with a lotta punk bands, there's a message in that and that is that the important thing is to fuckin get up there and play, bring your shit to the people. Look how Pat Smears fuckin playing improves. Leaps and bounds to say the least. One of the tightest rhythm players around.

Insane Darby stories (and that lame ass fuckin movie with Shane West) kinda ensure immortality for Darby who, in accordance with his mapped out plan, to make a band, make em legendary and then commit suicide was kinda pissed upon by the fact that the same day he offed himself another fellow named John Lennon was gunned outside the Dakota and kinda stole Darbys thunder.

A serious nutbar though, sorta like Iggy meets Sid Vicious. His lyrics are actually quite amazing considering the public image. He was a really quite a sharp guy. Queer as a chinese arithmetic too apparently. Brilliant band though. Their song Lions Share made the soundtrack to Cruisin' the Al Pacino flick for anyone looking for useless trivia.

One of my all time favorite bands, i been searching for a Germs Armband now for YEARS literally...one of my all time favorite bands, always will be. Favorite songs? Hmmm, Lions Share, Forming, Sex Boy, What We Do Is Secret, Richie Daggers Crime...whole fucking catalogue really. Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant band...they're in the Decline of Western Civilisation documentary too, dunno if anyones seen it...brilliant little movie with Darby getting a fair share of screen time. Did you know Pat Smear only plays Hagstrom guitars? Kinda what turned me on to em though i can't play for shit.

Oh yeah, even more useless trivia, Darb's makes a 2 second blink and you'll miss it cameo in The Ramones movie Rock n Roll High School.

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