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Just another guy playing guitar....

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Hey man i took the time out to have a listen and yeah it sounds good. You have some promising stuff to be working from here with a singer and live drummer to get stuff on the move to the next level.

Some good tones on there too, my particular fave being the honkey guitar sound on 'Suzanne's Blues' and 'Bring out your Dead'. I would say, if you're looking for feedback that is, to try and work on the out-and-out distortion, it sounds punchy but not deep enough(for my liking anyway) so boost the mid frequency a bit, touch more bass and a dash of reverb and it'll sit in that mix much better.

Whatcha using to record on then man? Is it like one of the Boss GT series all-in-ones? I have been using a Boss BR1180-CD to get my tones and record on these days and love it, most of the time....

peaceout and keep us updated...

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Thanks for listening, I appreciate it. I'm so looking for a band but it seems like no one wants to do that kind of music...

I'm using EH and Digitech stomp boxes and some computer plugins, I'm always after actual tone than just recreating famous sounds of other players.

These dry vintage sounds like on Suzanne's are actually the hardest to create, the flashy stuff is much easier.

Everyone else check out the recording too!

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Nice work! All in all it sounds really promising! :thumbsup:

Are you planning on adding vocals or do you consider the songs to be instrumentals? A song like Suzannes blues could sure be a hit if some vocals were added, it was very catchy!

I really liked that first song. It has a cool mellow Pink Floyd-vibe to it and is a perfect album-opener.

I liked the heavy industrial rock of Carrie aswell...

Some of your songs suffer a bit from the computer-drums though. What program do you use?

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