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"If the World" and "The Problem" similar

Vincent Vega

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There isn't any similar or sameness of chords or anything--but the general sound, and groove of If the World and the Problem by KMFDM seem similar. We know from Moby's interviews back in 1997 that Axl was huge into KMFDM during the early years of the CD saga.

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It's not obvious but certain elements of it are the same.

The work and the stuff that Guns n Roses had planned, that had the industrial tint in it, "we" lost a lot of it after that one roy thomas barker got into the producers saddle.

So its not very well informed to try to dig for links between chinese D and the early to midnineties industrial sound.

You wanna find yourself an if the world type of thing, look to the late workings of 90's faith no more... :kiss:

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