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Definitive SMiLE bootleg?

Jumpin' Jack Flash

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I'd just like to know what is considered the definitive, or I guess...best bootleg of SMiLE. So far I have downloaded the Purple Chick version and the Odeon Records Version. I have to admit, it's intimidating to weed through the 40+ tracks on these two boots, so I'd like to what is considered the closest thing to a definitive version. Also, a tracklisting for said bootleg would be awesome :P

PS: I'll report anyone that says Smiley Smile.

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I have way too many. I went through a SMiLE boot obsession stage getting pissed that a certain one was missing a certain suite.

Purple Chick as I said is as good as it get's. But another great one is the Mok version. I'll shoot you a PM with the link.

As for making a fan mix. Great idea, we've all done it at one stage.

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