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November Rain solos cover

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But I think it turned out pretty good. Sure, there are a few mistakes, but I don't have the patience to re-record over and over again for hours to get one perfect :)

The end of the first solo is the fastest I've ever played until now, so it was good one to learn to improve my playing.

Don't expect Slash, just expect an okay and enjoyable (hopefully) attempt :)

Comments and constructive critisicm are more than welcome!

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Sounds reasonable, OK tone. Like you said a few mistakes, but everyone who plays these solos makes them, even Slash.

Just a few things, you apply no vibrato technique, it would enhance the entire feel and make it sound more professional.

It is one of the more personal and difficult techniques to learn, but keep trying, one day you will pick up the guitar and find out you can do it automatically.

When bending you can let it sing out more, no need to stop the other notes too soon.

And add some reverb to your sound, it would make it blend better and give it a nice dimensional sound.

I think if you would sit down, or get the guitar higher up while standing, you will have more control over what you want you play. I know it looks less cool, but live Slash also makes mistakes by hanging the guitar too low mainly because he wants to look cool.

Keep it up.

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Thank you very much for your comments and support LLL :)

Hehe, I actually sat down when recording it, the video is recorded afterwards :) Would've sounded horrible if I'd have recorded it standing... ^^


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You need to go to a guitar teacher or something because your fingering technique is terrible. The playing itself is fine but you REALLY need to work on technique. If you live within the greater Atlanta area I would give you a free lesson on guitar technique. But first things first, keep your fingers down, dont lift them up so much because all it does is stop you from playing faster and cramps your fingers.

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