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hey axl

Jackie Moon

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i think it would look pretty awesome on you. maybe more so back in the 06' braid days, it seems to fit the style you went with back then. i think you should wear more affliction stuff, they are big on crosses which i know appeal to you. i figure you for a MMA fan as well. i know del likes the ultimate fighter. del help me out here. also, bring back the braids. looking like a badass rockstar works for you. i wish i could get that jacket but im not famous or rich enough to pull it off. i think it has eccentric rockstar / millionaire written all over it, so you can see why i thought of you (no offense, its a compliment. )if you need any fashion advice i think im a pretty snappy dresser.


affliction leather jacket

you should also check out some of their thermals. im a big fan. here is yours truly rocking a GSP thermal on a motherfuckin boat.


dont take the 1 glove as a fashion statement, i was drunk, unprepared and improvising.

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